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    10 Ways a Traffic Attorney From Fight My Ticket Can Help


    1. Represent You in Court: An attorney from Fight My Ticket can represent you in court, helping you to avoid appearing in person, which can save you time and reduce your stress.
    2. Explain Your Options: A ticket lawyer can explain your options and help you make informed decisions about whether to fight the ticket or accept a plea bargain.
    3. Plea Bargaining: An experienced attorney can negotiate with the prosecution to get your charges reduced or dropped, potentially saving you money and avoiding a criminal record.
    4. Knowledge of Traffic Laws: Our traffic ticket attorneys have a thorough understanding of California traffic laws, and we use that knowledge to help you fight your ticket and protect your rights.
    5. Evidence Review: Our traffic violations lawyers are trained to review evidence and identify any weaknesses in the case against you.
    6. Identification of Defenses: A traffic lawyer can help you identify any defenses you may have, such as lack of probable cause for a traffic stop or errors in the citation.
    7. Examination of Witnesses: A ticket lawyer can cross-examine any witnesses against you, helping to uncover any inconsistencies in their testimony.
    8. Assessment of Penalties: An experienced traffic attorney can assess the potential penalties you may face, such as fines, points on your license, and increased insurance rates, and help you minimize them.
    9. Protect Your License: A traffic violations attorney can help you keep your license by fighting a ticket that could result in a suspension or revocation.
    10. Professional Advice: A ticket defense lawyer can provide professional advice and guidance throughout the process, helping you to make the best decisions for your case and future.

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    Everything you need to know about possible penalties and defenses, and how Fight My Ticket can help minimize your penalties or get your case dismissed.

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    Traffic Tickets

    Whether you’ve been ticketed for speeding, running a red light, texting and driving, reckless driving, or even given a fix-it ticket, Fight My Ticket can help minimize your penalties or get your case dismissed.

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    Failure to appear

    From time to time, people fail to appear for their court hearings, whether because they didn’t know about it, they had a conflict, or they didn’t know how to mount a defense. Fight My Ticket can defend you and get you back on track, before penalties mount.

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    Commercial Drivers

    Commercial Drivers are subject to special regulations and expectations. Fight My Ticket can help you fix your commercial driving record, minimizing penalties, fines, and lost work opportunities.

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    What Our Clients Are Saying

    "They got my fine reduced by 50%".

    I am so grateful I hired Fight My Ticket Lawyers to fight my ticket. Aside from getting the fee reduced by 50% they were able to make it where it did not go on my insurance! Thanks for all of your amazing help. You are the best!

    – Carol

    "They got my traffic ticket already in collections dismissed".

    I had an $1100 traffic ticket that went into collections and they just had everything dismissed. Amazing. Just Amazing.

    — Recent Yelp Review

    "They got my DUI dismissed".

    Fight My Tickets’ lawyers represented me for a DUI, they were able to get the DUI dismissed. I never had to take any classes or anything.

    – Dillon

    "They took care of my speeding ticket".

    I hired the lawyers at Fight My Ticket to take care of my speeding ticket in downtown LA. They were able to get my ticket completely dismissed. If I got another ticket, I would hire them in an instant.

    Matt S.

    "They made my red light ticket to away".

    I had a red light ticket in Beverly Hills, Fight My Ticket’s lawyer was able to persuade the judge that it wasn’t me! Thanks!

    – Rich C.

    "They fixed my suspended license".

    My license was suspended and I hired Fight My Ticket to fight a suspended license ticket that was in collection. They were able to get it reduced to just not having my license on me at time I was pulled over. It saved me 2 points on my record and dropped the fine by over $1,000. Well worth the price I paid.

    – Ivan

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